Follow along as we build an airplane in our garage...

...yes we are a little crazy. OK, it was Parish`s idea to build an airplane. Jacuie though will help from time to time and has already been planning the first trip. Canada, Texas, Mexico. Guess time will tell. Follow our adventures and challenges in building this fun machine.
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  • Spar prep Page 13-3 steps 5 & 7 and Page 13-4 steps 1-5

    2:00 hrs Today/ 371:30 hrs Total Project Page 13-3 steps 5 & 7, Page 13-4 steps 1-5 Yep folks, I have moved on to another page!!!!! I finished the countersinking for the screw holes. Once again it is a little scary taking that much material away, but it is necessary. The next page has you […]

  • Spar Prep Page 13-3 steps 3,4, & 6

    3:00 hrs Today/ 369:30 hrs Total Project Page 13-3 steps 3, 4, 6 Russ called and asked me if I planned to work on the airplane today. I told him that it was a little cold out but would do an hour or so. He immediately responded with “I will be there”! an hour or […]

  • Spar Prep Page 13-3 steps 3-5

    5:00 hrs Today/ 366:30 hrs Total Project Page 13-3 steps 1-2 Today unexpectedly became a marathon day. Russ stopped by to help and I put him to work doing the #40 skin countersinks. I went to work riveting the nutplates for the fuel tanks. There are a lot of these. Then I had to countersink […]