A little info on our builders


While Parish does most of the building, Jacquie is a faithful helper when a job requires more than 2 hands. She also has been known to kill time in the summer reading a book while listening to the sound of a rivet gun in the background.

In addition to Parish and Jacquie there are a few regular helpers on the project as well. Russ Blackwell and Zach Felton have both contributed to this build and their help is greatly appreciated. 

Meet the Builders




Main Builder

Parish is a pilot when not working in the airplane factory. He works for a major airline and is also a volunteer paramedic/ rescue technician. He also dabbles in politics from time to time.



CFO and Riveting assistant

Jacquie is a musician when she is not working in the airplane factory. She teaches at UNC Charlotte in the Music Theory Department and is the Director of Music at our local church.