Spar prep Page 13-3 steps 5 & 7 and Page 13-4 steps 1-5

2:00 hrs Today/ 371:30 hrs Total Project
Page 13-3 steps 5 & 7, Page 13-4 steps 1-5

Yep folks, I have moved on to another page!!!!! I finished the countersinking for the screw holes. Once again it is a little scary taking that much material away, but it is necessary. The next page has you final drill, countersink a few holes near the root of the wing. MAKE SURE YOU READ!!! the nutplates go on both sides of the spar. I actually carried my plans over to where I was working to make sure I was going the correct direction. I started to put them all one direction then remembered pre-reading something about them going opposite directions. You also install 3 rivets to hold the web and the 2 reinforcing plates all together. This is really no big deal. I was able to get the wing attach and the special -4 rivets installed with the squeezer but had to bring out the gun to do the fuel tank attach nutplates. The very top and very bottom hole for these was a little difficult to countersink as well. I had to use my extension without the cage. One was drilled a little too deep but the other 3 turned out OK. 

You will notice I have stood the spars up. This made it easier to work on for running these rivets.


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