Oct 19th, 2017

 3 hrs Today/ 216 hrs Total Project

Page 9.13, steps 2-3 & page 9.14, steps 1 and 2



The last two steps of page 9-13 have you rivet the forward spar to the ribs of the elevators as well as riveting the skins to the forward spar. The instructions are very clear about not riveting the skin between the tips and the last and first rib. I was going along all happy with my hand squeezer when I realized I had done just what I was not supposed to have done. Thank goodness it was only a few rivets when I caught myself. I did not drill them out and thought to myself, let me see if this is an issue before removing them or if I can work around it. I had written in sharpie on the top and bottom skin, the problem was that I was sitting on my stool and could not see the top or bottom skins and was looking directly at the spar during the riveting process. 


After this page 9.14 looks a little daunting. There are lots of instructions that probably should be broken into a separate page. I was about finished but decided "just 2 more steps". Little did I know these two steps would take me over an hour! it is just 8 rivets...why so long?!?!?!? These two steps simply have you attach the root rib to the rear spar with AN426 rivets and the root rib to the the gusset with AN470 rivets. Easy- peasey??? NOT so much so!! Well first off, I discovered that I had bent the flange on one of the root ribs. So I removed the clecos and was able to re-bend the flange back no problems. However, on both the left side and the right side the holes did not want to align properly. There appeared to be a little induced bend with the rear spar. Maybe this was because of the fact that I had not driven the rivets on one end since I am awaiting the bucking bar. I was able to force the parts to align themselves and get the rivets put in; however, it was somewhat of a but kicking. The good news was I got to use my new inspection mirror. I probably should have inspected these before I put the clecos back on for the skins (these went on very easy so I know it is all aligned now). 


Pictures and video coming soon

Oct 7th, 2017

2 hrs Today/ 203 hrs Total Project

Page 9.10 steps 2-3 


Today was started with re-tagging all the parts from post priming. Then I cleaned up the workshop and got the priming table put away. I am using a VERY old fold out table to prime on that is probably 25 or more years old. It is practically indestructible but weights 60 pounds probably! After cleanup I began to put the counterbalance and tip rib halves together and rivet them with AN470 rivets. I also put one of the skin webs on as well. 


Oct 8th, 2017

.5 hrs Today/ 203:30 hrs Total Project

Page 9.10 step 3 


I only had a short period to work today before going to work. I was able to rivet the other skin to the tip rib. Nothing special just a bunch of AN426AD3-3.5 rivets. 

Oct 9th, 2017

2 hrs Today/ 205:30 hrs Total Project

Page 9.10 step 4 (plus mod) 


Today I was able to rivet the doubler plates to the forward spar to attach the hinge points to the horizontal stabilizer. I left the hole shown in the picture below open while riveting on the 2 outboard plates. This is because I drilled them out slightly larger and placed a #10-32 screw in the the hole with the corresponding washers and nuts to create the attach point for the bonding strap to electrically bond the elevators to the horizontal stabilizers. This is so the current path of static can get to the static wicks. 





Sep 11th, 2017

2 hrs Today/ 171 hrs Total Project

Page 9-2  

Today was spent drilling the holes for steps 1-7 that I did not drill on the 6th. This included the #30 holes between the rib halves and the tip rib and tip counter balance. Also all of the #40 holes for the tip skin. I also noticed the tip assembly was not sitting flat on the table so before I did all the drilling on the tip assemblies, I took them completely apart and worked my way though getting the flutes in correctly.

Sep 15th, 2017

2 hrs Today/ 173 hrs Total Project

Page 9-3 and 9-4  



Page 9-3 steps 1-3 are nothing but the bending over of the closeout tabs. These tabs are make the side where the trim tab goes. The instructions make a big to-do about it and I suppose it could be an issue for some. My previous experience with the

Sep 6th, 2017

2 hrs Today/ 169 hrs Total Project

Page 9-2  

Now that the Horizontal stab is completed and all the parts for the fuselage have been put away into a home for the next several months it was time to begin the elevators. The first several steps consist of separating the various components and deburing. Well deburing is how everything starts it seems. And is deburing spelled with one r or two. i have seen it both ways before???????