May 9th, 2017

The big box showed up about 16 days after placing the order. They pack a lot into these crates. I spent about 9 hours inventorying everything and labeling all my hardware bins. I have been told the key to success is organization. Unfortunately, I have panel pieces stored all over the place now; but, I think I know where everything is!

For future builders, it takes about a week and a few days for Vans to crate up your kit. Once it is crated you will get notification of the estimated delivery date from the LTL freight provider. Since I live on about the most opposite corner of the country from Vans, my kit took about a week for travel time. I remember checking each evening and each morning to see where it was traveling. It was like a kid waiting on Santa Clause to show up. Boise, Salt Lake City, Tulsa, Nashville, then finally to Charlotte. I arranged for home delivery as it was only 30$ extra. Well worth the 30 dollars and it included a liftgate to lower it from the level of the truck to the street. I purchased a furniture dolly from Harbor Freight and had the driver lift it up and put it on the dolly, from there we were able to simply push it into the garage. I tell you this as I fretted for days on how I was going to get this 300LBS box from the street to the workshop.